Housing Choice Vouchers

Housing Choice Vouchers (HCVs), formerly known as Section 8, help pay the rent in the form of Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) that are paid directly to a private landlord. Residents will generally contribute 30% of their income as their portion of rent to the landlord.  Residents are responsible for finding rentals that accept HCVs.

Click link below for current income guidelines:


 Housing Choice Vouchers will be selected by preferences listed below first, followed by date and time of application:

  • Victims of domestic violence, referred by Rape and Abuse Crisis Center
  • Those residing in Cass or Clay County at the time of application
  • Mainstream- Household member between 18-61 with a verifiable disability
    •  Transitioning out of an institution or other segregated setting, at serious risk of institutionalization, homelessness or are currently homeless

Housing Search

  • The voucher holder must choose their unit and submit the appropriate paperwork to Fargo Housing prior to the expiration of their voucher.
  • If a unit is not located in the allotted time frame, the voucher will expire and you will no longer be offered assistance.
  • If you ported to Fargo Housing and your voucher expired, Fargo Housing will return the voucher and paperwork to the initial housing authority.


Fargo Housing will schedule an inspection of the proposed unit upon receipt of the Request for Tenancy Approval.

Fargo Housing cannot begin any payments prior to a passed Fargo Housing inspection. Please keep this in mind when deciding when to make a deposit, sign a lease, or enter into any similar agreement. If the inspection does not pass, we will not be able to provide assistance on the unit.

After the inspection passes and the lease is signed, Fargo Housing will finalize all proper paperwork to ensure payments to the landlord on the voucher holder’s behalf.


After you have approved the resident, the Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) must be completed and returned to Fargo Housing by the deadline requested. If you have other units/properties with assistance, you must still complete this packet. Fargo Housing must inspect each unit prior to providing any assistance. If the unit is vacant, our inspections department will contact you to set up a time to schedule an inspection. You must be available for the inspection. If the resident is already residing in the unit and plans to lease in place, we will contact the resident directly to schedule an inspection.

Each year thereafter, Fargo Housing will contact the resident to complete an annual inspection. If the unit does not pass per housing standards, it is your responsibility to correct the required issue(s) in the allotted time.

Once the unit has been approved, Fargo Housing will mail out the contract for you to sign and return. Fargo Housing will also request a signed 12 month lease beginning the month the assistance begins. If at any time the tenant’s portion changes, Fargo Housing will email the change showing both the tenant portion, the housing assistance payment (HAP), and the effective date.

Inspection Checklist

  • External
    • Roof
    • Downspouts
    • Dryer vents
    • Excess debris
    • General Surrounds
  • Common areas and entry
    • Trip hazards
    • Fire hazards
    • Laundry facility
    • Outlets
  • Kitchen
    • Appliance check
    • Search for leaks
    • Trip hazards
    • GFI outlets
  • Living Room
    • Windows
    • Trip hazards
    • Air conditioner
    • Balcony and balcony door
    • Outlets
  • Hallways
    • Smoke detectors
    • Electrical panel
    • Trip hazards
    • Outlets
  • Bathrooms
    • Sink for leaks
    • Toilet
    • Tub/shower
    • Cut hazards
    • GFI Outlets
  • Bedrooms
    • Smoke detectors
    • Windows
    • Trip hazards
    • Outlets
  • General
    • Lighting
    • Working doors
    • House keeping


Initiating the Portability Process

The process begins when a voucher holder notifies their current housing authority indicating they would like to move to Cass County, ND or Clay County, MN through Fargo Housing. Your current housing authority, also referred to as the “initial housing authority,” will then provide Fargo Housing with the following documents:

  • HUD 52665 Family Portability Information Form
  • Most recent paying HUD 50058 Form
  • Copies of driver’s license, social security cards, and birth certificates for all those living in the household
  • Voucher issue to the current family/individual
  • EIV verification of income and family composition
  • Family contact information, including working phone number and current address

Please allow Fargo Housing 10-15 business days to receive all information necessary and follow up with your initial housing authority for status inquiries. Questions or documents related to porting can be emailed to ports.fargohra@fargohousing.org.

Portability Application

Once Fargo Housing receives all necessary documentation, HCV Program staff will contact the voucher holder to schedule an entrance interview. All household members, age 18 and above, are required to attend and bring the following documents:

  • Current valid photo ID
  • Birth Certificates and Social Security cards for all household members
  • Marriage license, divorce papers, custody papers (if applicable)
  • Any information regarding household income for any family member (even those under 18) from employment, social services, social security, disability benefits, child support, veterans’ benefits, etc.
  • There may be additional documents requested based on the entrance interview

Eligibility Screening

Fargo Housing will conduct a criminal background check on all household members, age 18 and above, prior to approval of the household. Fargo Housing may reject a portability application for some criminal convictions, housing authority terminations, or outstanding balances owed to any housing authority.

If a household is determined to be ineligible, the portability application will be withdrawn, and the paperwork will be returned to the initial housing authority.

If a household is determined eligible, Fargo Housing will issue a voucher with an expiration date 30 days from the initial housing authority’s voucher. At the time of issuance, the household will receive moving papers and will receive complete instructions of the process.