What Home Means to Me

What Home Means to Me 2020 Poster Contest

Fargo Housing is participating in the 2020 What Home Means to Me poster contest! The contest, hosted by NAHRO’s Housing America campaign, is held each year for children and young adults residing in affordable housing and community developments. Participants are encouraged to create posters and accompanying statements that reflect the national theme of “What Home Means to Me.”

One of our community members, Gabriel, was selected as a 2020 WHMTM National Honoree! The artwork he created, highlighted as the June calendar feature, is pictured to the right.

The following artwork and statements have been masterfully created by children and young adults that are part of the Fargo Housing community.

Thank you for voting on the 2020 What Home Means to Me poster submissions! Stay tuned for the results. 

2020 What Home Means to Me Contest Winners!

Elementary School 2nd Place Winner and Middle School 1st Place Winner (L to R)

Poster #11 

Poster #1 

Elementary School 1st place award! 

Poster #5 

Middle School 1st place award! 

Poster #1 

High School 1st place award! 

Poster #1 

What Home Means to Me Poster Submissions and Contest Winners

Elementary Poster Submissions

Elementary Poster 1

Home to me means helping my mom. Caring about my family. My mom and dad. Love all around the house. A place to keep love, caring, family, friendship. Plus all the love in the world.

Elementary Poster 2

Home is where the super star can grow up is good place to live in peace for long time with family.

Elementary Poster 3

That home is home no matter where in the world you go. Is where family and the friends live together in peace for the long or sort period of time with or without children.

Elementary Poster 4

Home is like space just like space where the super star can be raised up for the new generation like space. Star is really super place to stay with the family and the friend.

1st Place Winner!

Elementary Poster 5

A home is a sacred place where people come together. Home is where love, unity, and cooperation spreads. A home is where future leaders are trained. Home means father, mother, sisters and brothers, Home is where we take care of our loved ones. Finally, home is everything to me.

Elementary Poster 6

I’m thankful for my home. Home means to me really much because some people can’t afford them.

Elementary Poster 7

Home is place where family and friend live in peace and have fun with the friend neighbors and family and learn a lot of thing in the communities for the better of the future goal.

Elementary Poster 8

Home to me means caring about my family and friends. And love. Plus friendship.

Elementary Poster 9

What home means to me, is that it a castle next to the castle is a small garden. My drawing is really colorful and creative piece of art. It has a lot of hears! In the clouds they have hearts and rabbits. This it. “I think my work is creative”.

Elementary Poster 10

My poster is where its night and the stars are out and the roof is glowing it changes colors and they are teal, red, green, blue, brown, purple, tan, red, gray, orange, and teal.

2nd Place Winner!

Elementary Poster 11

A home gives me a safe place to relax when I have a bad day. As soon as I walk inside I have no worries. I feel like angels are there watching me to make sure I am safe and have a comfortable place to go to. I am very thankful to have shelter over my head.

Elementary Poster 12

My home is the best! I LOVE it!! It is like waking up to a beautiful day, the water pouring. I don’t know about you, but my home is important to me!! I love it when there is a rainbow and it is pouring! Do you?? My home is the BEST!!!

Elementary Poster 13

Home means: mom, dad, brothers, and sisters. Home is where I take a rest and play with my baby and study.

3rd Place Winner!

Elementary Poster 14

What home means to me, is like a cool river that never stops. My home is were I do everything, like right now, I’m writing you! If I didn’t have a home then were would I be? My home is important to me! I LOVE my house it is everything to me! Home Sweet Home.

Middle School Poster Submissions

1st Place Winner!

Middle School Poster 1

My poster is about my future kids and husband and that is a house I want or need in the future. That is what my poster is about.

2nd Place Winner!

Middle School Poster 2

My home relates to a cabin on the lake because its peaceful and quiet. When I home I can be myself and express my feelings. At night I love to relax with my family.

High School Poster Submissions

First Place Winner!

High School Poster 1

Home is place where I leave and feel comfortable in my house. It place with a lot of thing and have fun. I have not seen a place where I should find a freedom and peace, hope and happiness. My poster is about the house and it surrounded with many nature there. I love my home.