What Home Means to Me

What Home Means to Me 2022 Poster Contest

Fargo Housing is participating in the 2022 What Home Means to Me poster contest! The contest, hosted by NAHRO’s Housing America campaign, is held each year for children and young adults ranging from ages 5-18 years old, residing in affordable housing and community developments. Participants are encouraged to create posters and accompanying statements that reflect the national theme of “What Home Means to Me.” The posters need to be returned to the main office located at 325 Broadway N. Fargo, ND 58102 by Monday, May 10th. For any questions please call us at 701.293.6262 and ask for Ashley.

The application does need to be filled out to be able to be submitted for the contest.

Two of our community members, Gabriel and Jasmine, were selected in the 2021 WHMTM National! The artwork was created, and highlighted as the April and June months pictured to the right.

Stay Tuned for the 2022 Submissions!

See below for last years submissions.

What Home Means to Me Poster Contest Winners

Elementary Poster Winners

Elementary First Place Winner!

I am grateful where I live because I have a roof over my head and a safe place to go when I have a bad day. I don’t care if I live in a mansion or an old house because I have my gamily there. Family and love is all that matters. There are rich people out there who have their huge house and everything they want, but they live a lonely life and wish they had some company. .

Elementary Second Place Winner!

What home to me means, being at home with my family. Playing board games, watching movies and playing pranks on each other. Joking and having fun.

Elementary Third Place Winner!

What home means to me is…a peaceful garden because gardens look happy when they are taken care of, just like how we people have to take care of our homes. Garden also have really yummy vegetable and fruits to help you get fiber and be healthy just like if you have a home that I healthy you will be really happy with it.

Middle School Poster Submissions

Middle School First Place Winner!

I love my home, and everything I love in it revolves around my home. Just like how the earth revolves around the sun. My home is a place where I feel safe and calm. Housing is on top of the world. You help so many people on earth.

Middle School Second Place Winner!

I did this scenery because it means home to me, because beaches calm you down from all the stuff in life. However the beach isn’t perfect, but people can live with it because home is EVERYTHING!!! So, really home means to me a nice peaceful life full of problems, but people can come out of!

Middle School Third Place Winner!

Home is my safe to be in everyone in this community helps each other and we have to be respectful. We can show some love being kind is good. Home means to me is like when something bad happening outside when flooding we can help each other like being kind, like being helpful.

High School Poster Submissions

High School First Place Winner!

A loving family and a very safe community. A safe haven and comfort zone. A stable community.