Fargo Housing was recently awarded more than 150 new Tenant Protection Vouchers from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to assist residents of the Lashkowitz High Rise to relocate. This comes after the approval in March by HUD to allow for the disposition and redevelopment of Fargo’s High Rise.

Each current resident of the Lashkowitz High Rise will receive a housing voucher to support their relocation within Fargo and or anywhere within the United States. Fargo Housing staff will provide additional assistance to each High Rise tenant to successfully find a new home. The first 155 vouchers will be dispersed through the end of 2020, and Fargo Housing will receive the remaining 92 vouchers later this year for use in 2021.

Earlier this year, HUD formally approved the disposition of the Lashkowitz High Rise, a building developed and operated by Fargo Housing with funds under the U.S. Housing Act of 1937. Fargo Housing applied for disposition of the building due to failing infrastructure and significant plumbing concerns. First occupied in 1971, the Lashkowitz High Rise has for nearly fifty years served as a home to thousands of Fargo residents and addressed the critical need for housing elderly, low-income Fargo citizens.

Fargo Housing Executive Director and CEO, G. Matthew Pike, said, “This first round of vouchers from HUD let’s us begin the process of addressing the needs of our Lashkowitz residents while also looking to the future potential use of the property. Fargo Housing is committed to partnering with the city and community-at-large to envision what the next fifty years looks like for maintaining affordable housing at that location.”

Coordinating Fargo Housing’s resident relocation efforts, Chief Deputy Director Jill Elliott, added, “We’re so grateful to the many local landlords and property management companies, as well as our partner agencies who support our folks for assisting us at this important time. With their strong collaboration, our relocation team is already off to a strong start, building the tools to keep our residents informed at each step along this new path.”

About Fargo Housing

Fargo Housing serves its mission of “Empowering People to Achieve Independence Through Housing” through responsible and efficient administration of the federal Housing Choice Voucher program to supplement rent expense for those most in need, through property management of a variety of affordable housing projects, and through property development of additional safe and affordable housing for residents of the Fargo, ND area. Fargo Housing offers a variety of affordable housing options ranging from HUD-subsidized units for families, seniors, veterans, youth aging out of foster care, or persons with disabilities to projects that are more service-enriched and designed specifically for persons coming out of homelessness.